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Photo Supreme Online BETA

You can now participate in the public beta of a new module that is in development: Photo Supreme Online (PSO). This is beta software and therefore should only be installed if you're comfortable running software that can/may/probably has issues. The PSO-beta is only available for Photo Supreme Server on Windows running with the PostgreSQL database.

The Photo Supreme Online is an add-on module for the Photo Supreme Server Edition using PostgreSQL as its database, currently only available for the Windows platform. Photo Supreme Online comes as a Web Service Module that serves your Photo Supreme PostgreSQL catalog in a web browser. The Web Service Module enables visitors to access your catalog, directly from an Internet Browser like Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and the like.

The Web Service Module is a low-cost solution for smaller user groups (up to 10 concurrent users). This can be the members of your household in a home network environment, or team colleagues in a small business environment. But with the right configuration you can also open the catalog for anyone outside your network environment, like friends and family, customers, or field colleagues.

Make sure you have the latest Photo Supreme build installed.

Download the installer here (Windows-PostgreSQL only): ... ice_V5.exe

The installation manual; ... Module.pdf


Here are some early screenshots to illustrate Photo Supreme Online:

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