Photo Supreme V3 Release Highlights

September 2014 – Photo Supreme version 3 (V3) is coming and we’re excited to highlight some of the additions and improvements to the feature set. This new release brings several innovative additions together with many enhancements and improvements to existing features. In total there are over 150 additions and improvements implemented. This page highlights the essentials of this release.

Multi Tab Browsing

The most striking feature of Photo Supreme V3 is the introduction of Multi Tab Browsing. Photo Supreme is the first DAM tool to offer this innovation. With Multi Tab Browsing you can navigate your Catalog faster and easier. Multi Tab Browsing lets you open tabs, each showing a selection of images within a single page. Having several collections open at the same time and switching quickly between them with a single click on a tab is a real time saver.

Duplicate detection

Over time we all create copies of our images; downsized copies, or black and white conversions or editing copies. Finding such duplicates afterwards can be a chore. Photo Supreme V3 helps you to find identical file copies as well as derived similar images.

Support for DXO Optics, CaptureOne and Lightroom edits

The most popular RAW converters today are lossless editors that record the edits as a set of parameters. For edits made in DXO Optics (dop files), CaptureOne (cos files) or Lightroom (crs schema) it’s now possible to visually identify your edits in Photo Supreme. This makes Photo Supreme the best companion DAM to go with your RAW editor.

edit_lightroom edit_psu

Face Detection

Photo Supreme V3 finds face areas in your image with a single click. A major time saver when you want to mark people in the images. On top of the face detection, enhancements were added to make it easy to link areas with catalog labels.
Face detection is available for Photo Supreme running on Windows or MacOSX 10.7-Lion and higher.

Last Import

Photo Supreme V3 automatically organizes your imported images by their import date. Images can be accessed with the import date or the period that they were imported to your Catalog.

Bulk Catalog Label Editing

With Photo Supreme V3 it’s possible to edit catalog label details for a series of selected labels. Making changes is a matter of selecting them and then applying the edit.

Rename Panel

Designing file name rules was never this easy as with Photo Supreme V3. The powerful rename options can be switched and configured visually in the completely revamped Rename Panel.

Red Eye Reduction

A much requested feature: Red Eye Reduction (or Red Eye Correction). We’ve added our unique Red Eye Reduction algorithm to Photo Supreme V3 so you can benefit from the most natural red eye reduction results.
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Place Holder Version Detection

Many photographers use a dedicated file naming strategy when storing versions of their images. With Photo Supreme V3 you can automatically detect and assign version placeholders based on filename mask matching rules.

Batch Changes for Version Sets

While working with Version Sets it may happen that you want to make some drastic changes to your versioning approach. This could include using different images for a placeholder, different main versions, or even deleting images from a version set. With Photo Supreme V3 it is now possible to perform a versioning task on a series of selected images.

USB connected devices

Most media devices today use the Media Transfer Protocol to communicate with your computer. And your digital camera, smartphone or media player are probably no different. In Photo Supreme V3 for Windows, the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is seamlessly integrated, offering a smooth integration with the Import Module.
MacOSX currently doesn’t support the Media Transfer Protocol.

Drag and Drop Improvements

Drag and Drop support in software has proven to be an easy-to-learn concept that greatly improves the usability of a user interface. In Photo Supreme V3 we’ve added many new Drag and Drop improvements to offer an even better user experience.

Other Changes

Custom Fields in Image Details

The custom fields, as definable in the Info Panel, are now also accessible in the Image Details.

Waypoints in GPX files

Photo Supreme V3 also displays existing Waypoints in GPX files in the map. That makes it easier to assign such waypoints to your images.

Slideshow Control Bar

The Slideshow display, includes a top side control bar for greater and easier control.

Apple Mail Integration

You can now configure a Share Profile to use Apple Mail as your email system.


It is now possible to get a print preview to see the page layout before printing. More templates have also been added, including index sheet printing.

Smart Searching

The Catalog Explorer now offers its own searching feature. Use the search button to start a search operation and find your Catalog Labels, Portfolio Collections or Folders in a glimpse.

Export to Folder

With a simple keystroke you can now send a copy of your images to a folder anywhere on your computer. This makes it very easy to prepare images for sharing outside of Photo Supreme.


Photo Supreme V3 now also synchronizes entries for the IPTC Extension fields for “Person In Image”, “Places”, and “Event” IPTC fields.

Selectively Exclude Fields in Share Profiles

Photo Supreme V3 allows you to select specific fields to be excluded when using a Share. This allows for better control over what information is sent out and what isn’t.

New Quick Manuals

Photo Supreme V3 adds more Quick Manual in the Help Menu

Many more

In total there are over 150 additions and improvements implemented on top of the usual bug crushing.