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Quick Start Manual

Photo Supreme is “Digital Asset Management” software. Photo Supreme allows you to manage your image, video, or other files by categorizing and organizing them.

Round Library


This manual explains the cataloging concept, how to import images, how to access your cataloged files, the Catalog Labels concept, and how to work with descriptive metadata.

Female Pharmacist


This manual describes the possibilities that Photo Supreme offers to search through the massive amount of data that is collected in your catalog database. That, after all, is why most of us are working with software like this.

Stack of Books

Versions & Stacks

This manual explains the versioning and stacking concept, how to create version sets, how to use automated version detection, create and remove stacks.


Artificial Intelligence

To help ease the intensive cataloging process, Photo Supreme offers Artificial Intelligence features. These features help you catalog based on an evaluation of the photo content by suggesting labels, objects, faces, or landmarks.

Men Carrying Packages

Folder and File Management

This manual is intended to give insight into how Photo Supreme treats files, and how you can manage files and folders in the Catalog.

Dust Load Testing

Advanced Filtering

This manual points out the basic and more advanced filtering techniques that you can apply to a set of images

Old Globe

GEO Tagging

GEO Tagging is the process of adding geographical metadata to your images. This includes the coordinates like latitude and longitude, but also altitude, and location details

Taking a Picture

Transfer & Share

This manual describes the concept of using Transfer in Photo Supreme and how you can put that to use for your images.

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