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From ACDSee to Photo Supreme

Make the Move

ACDSee has a feature to store metadata to embed "ACDSee Metadata". ACDSee then stores most of its data in the proprietary section of the XMP metadata. Upon importing the files to Photo Supreme, most of such information will not return in Photo Supreme because the metadata is not written in a way that it is interoperable.

This page explains how to convert some of the proprietary ACDSee metadata fields to Photo Supreme.

The data that can be retrieved is:

  1. Ratings

  2. Color Labels

  3. Captions

  4. Author

  5. Notes

  6. Keywords

  1. Embed ACDSee metadata in ACDSee

    1. Select the thumbnails that you'd like to embed the ACDSee metadata for

    2. Right click on a selected thumb and select Metadata -> Embed ACDSee Metadata

    3. Use the default settings

    4. Click OK to start the metadata writing

  2. Import your image files to Photo Supreme

    1. Click the upper left corner hamburger menu and select "Import Folder"

    2. Select the root folder that keeps your image files as the Source

    3. Click Start Import

    4. This does the bulk file import. Please wait for this to complete.

  3. Select the thumbnails in Photo Supreme for which you'd like to import the ACDSee metadata

  4. Right click on a selected thumbnail and select "Run Script from Repository -> Catalog -> Import ACDSee Metadata"

  5. Wait for the script to complete.

Always try with a small test folder first to test the process. Once you're familiar with how this works you can do a full migration.

Other Resources

Did you also switch to Photo Supreme and made a blog about that process? And would you like to share your experiences? Then please help others to find your blog. Contact us here...

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