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Welcome Photo Supreme v2024

We are pleased to introduce the latest Photo Supreme version, a new generation of our full-featured Asset Management software. This major upgrade includes Face Recognition, Image Attachments, additional management features, and refinements to current functionality. It's faster, smoother, and more robust.

The new 2024 version paves the path for more effective image management by using Artificial Intelligence.

Face Recognition

Face recognition offers significant advantages in terms of organization, searchability, and personalization, ultimately enhancing the overall experience and efficiency of managing large collections of photos.

The fully integrated, offline, Face Recognition allows you to quickly identify people in the image and link those with Catalog Labels. The high quality recognition routines integrate smoothly  with the existing area detection methods.

Image Attachments

By attaching files or internet links to your images it becomes easier to manage dependencies or links for your images. If you have related files or documents that provide additional information or context to an image, linking them can help keep everything organized. For example, if you have a document containing details about a project or an event depicted in an image, linking that document to the image can provide easy access to relevant information.

Overall, linking files to images can enhance organization, accessibility, documentation, and collaboration, depending on the specific needs and objectives of the situation.


Deduplicating image files helps optimize storage space, improve organization, prevent confusion, and avoid redundant editing efforts, leading to a more efficient and manageable image collection.

Finding duplicate image files can be a chore. With Photo Supreme you can not only find duplicates, but also automatically clean them up with the new Deduplicator by separating the keeper from the non-keepers. 



Supporting touchscreen devices enhances accessibility, improves user experience, enables intuitive interactions, and caters to modern device trends.

Photo Supreme 2024 better integrates with touchscreen devices without having to resort to the mouse operation. Swiping, tapping, and pinching gestures are supported.



WEBP offers advantages such as smaller file sizes for faster web page loading, superior compression with minimal loss of image quality, and support for both lossy and lossless compression. This makes the WEBP format versatile for a wide range of web applications, improving website performance while reducing bandwidth consumption and storage costs.

Photo Supreme 2024 supports the WEBP file format, including embedded metadata reading and writing.

Integrated HTTP Server

An embedded HTTP server in Photo Supreme allows remote access to the photo library via a web interface, facilitating easy sharing and collaboration. Users can view, download, and manage photos from any device with a web browser, enhancing accessibility and convenience. It streamlines workflows, enables seamless remote operations, and simplifies sharing without relying on external hosting services.

Text Expansion

Text expansion in an image workflow accelerates the input of metadata, annotations, and descriptions, ensuring uniformity and saving time.

It enhances productivity by allowing quick, consistent, and error-free text additions, crucial for effective image categorization, searching, and processing.

Wait, there's more

  • Faster, better, smoother, and more robust

  • Added new Catalog States for "Same File Name", "5x4 aspect ratio"

  • Support for PostgreSQL 16

  • Added a Version and Stack cascading option for areas

  • Manually create new areas on an image using the mouse click-and-drag while holding down the Alt key

  • Added an option to have "no" bar below the thumbnails

  • Embedded metadata writing for HEIC files

  • And more...

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