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Our Upgrade Policy

All product licenses come with free updates for a full main version life cycle. This with a minimum period of 3 months.

When you acquire a version 7 license then you are entitled to receive free updates until version 8 is released. If version 8 is released within the first three months following your purchase then this main version upgrade will be made available to you as a free upgrade.

After a new main version is released you can upgrade from up to 3 prior main versions to the latest main version with a 30% price discount off the regular price.

Only the latest main version receives updates.

Last relevant change:

May 7 2022: The Main Version Upgrade will be made available at a discounted upgrade price to those who own a license for up to 3 prior main versions. This used to be only the previous main version.

How do I get my updates?

An in-app signal is sent out to our products when an update is available. If you have enabled the automatic update checking in your application then it will pick up this signal and ask you to install the software.

If you do not want our products to automatically check for new updates then you can check the website for new version announcements on a regular basis. Once a new version update is released you can install it over your existing copy. When a license is already installed on your computer, it will automatically unlock the new version too.

Who is entitled to update?

Registered users can download a free update for their license main version once the update becomes available. Trial users who are still in the trial period can install updates as well. Depending on the release, the trial period automatically restarts.

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