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From Apple Photos to Photo Supreme

Make the Move

1. Preparation

  1a. If you use Apple Photos while keeping the original at their original location then you can skip this step. If you let Apple Photos copy the originals to its own Library then you need to extract those first.

  1b. Create a new/empty folder on your drive where you want all your original photos to reside.

2. In Apple Photos, make the export

  2a. Start Apple Photos

  2b. Select all thumbnails (Cmd+A)

  2c. From the main menu, select File -> Export Unmodified Original for x photos (x will be the number of selected thumbnails)

  2d. If you use Photos to do keywording and/or descriptions then make sure to tick the box "Export IPTC as XMP"

  2e. Set File Name to "Use File Name" and set Subfolder Format to "Moment Name"

  2f. Click the Export button

  2g. Select the created folder that was created in step (1)

  2h. Wait for the save operation to finish

3. After the export finishes, you are read to import the export folder to Photo Supreme. In Photo Supreme V5, select "Import Folder" from the upper left hamburger menu.

  3a. Click Source and select the created export folder.

  3b. Click "START IMPORT"

  3c. Wait for the import process to finish







4. When Apple Photos exports its images, it creates an XMP sidecar file that holds details of the image. This is not according to the standard for some formats and Photo Supreme won't automatically load XMP from sidecar files when such format should have embedded metadata (like for JPG files). That's why we need to manually import the XMP from the sidecar files.

  4a. Open the set of imported files (you can use States -> In Last Import)

  4b. Select the first thumbnail and press Cmd+A to select all

  4c. Right click (or Ctrl+click if your mouse is equipped with a single mouse button) and select "Run Script from Repository -> Metadata -> Import from sidecar XMP file"


5. Wait for all the progress bars to complete and do not close the application during this process. It will require you to start over.

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