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From PhaseOne MediaPro 2.x to Photo Supreme

Make the Move

1. Make sure that you have PhaseOne MediaPro 2.x installed.

2. In MediaPro, export *all* to metadata. 

  2a. Select the thumbnails

  2b. Select Action->Export Annotations from the MediaPro menu

  2c. Check all the fields in the Export dialog

  2d. Click Export to start the export

3. Import the files in Photo Supreme

4. MediaPro can create an inconsistency between metadata in XMP and Exif/IPTC-IIM. To resolve that, select the imported thumbnails, right click on a thumbnail and select Metadata - Convert Metadata to XMP. That will fix any inconsistencies. This is a one time operation.

5. If needed, run one or more of the MediaPro conversion scripts as linked below to get the proprietary info that MediaPro writes imported in standard metadata.

  5a. MediaPro Ratings and Color Labels to standard metadata

  5b. MediaPro Catalog Sets to Photo Supreme Portfolios

  5c. MediaPro Event to Photo Supreme Event Catalog Label

  5d. MediaPro People to Photo Supreme People Catalog Labels

  5e. MediaPro Status to Catalog Label

  5f. MediaPro Category to Catalog Label

Always try with a small test folder first to test the process. Once you're familiar with how this works you can do a full migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple Catalogs in Photo Supreme?

You can use multiple Catalog files in Photo Supreme. To create additional Catalog(s), select Tools - Catalog from the Hamburger menu (upper left).

The Thumbs Database file in Photo Supreme is much larger than in MediaPro

Photo Supreme uses two database files for a catalog. The Catalog database and the Thumbs database. On import, Photo Supreme stores previews as well as thumbnails in the Thumbs database. The size of the previews can be configured in the Preferences and can be configured from 640 pixels up to 3200 pixels. For the best experience, it is recommended to keep the default setting for your resolution. 


Is Photo Supreme 64 bit software?

Photo Supreme is available as 64 bit software for Microsoft Windows as well as Apple macOS.

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