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From IMatch to Photo Supreme

Make the Move

IMatch stores most of its data in the metadata and upon importing the files to Photo Supreme, most of such information will return in Photo Supreme. What IMatch does not write to the metadata is the IMatch Category Assignments. This page explains how to export Categories in IMatch and how to import those as Catalog Labels in Photo Supreme.

  1. Export Categories In IMatch

    1. Select the Categories that you'd like to export in IMatch

    2. Drag the selected categories to the  Category Export module

    3. In the export dialog, make sure that you select Include Child Categories as well as Include File Assignments

    4. Specify the export file name; make sure that you use the default .imcsx file extension for your export file

    5. Click OK to start the export

  2. Import your image files to Photo Supreme

    1. Click the upper left corner hamburger menu and select "Import Folder"

    2. Select the root folder that keeps your image files as the Source

    3. Click Start Import

    4. This does the bulk file import. Please wait for this to complete.

  3. Import your imcsx file

    1. From the upper left corner hamburger menu, select Data -> IMport from IMatch

    2. Select the export file that you created in step 1. It is the file with the imcsx file extension

    3. Click Open 

Always try with a small test folder first to test the process. Once you're familiar with how this works you can do a full migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple Catalogs in Photo Supreme?

You can use multiple Catalog files in Photo Supreme. To create additional Catalog(s), select Tools - Catalog from the Hamburger menu (upper left).

Is Photo Supreme 64 bit software?

Photo Supreme is available as 64 bit software for Microsoft Windows as well as Apple macOS.

Other Resources

Did you also switch to Photo Supreme and made a blog about that process? And would you like to share your experiences? Then please help others to find your blog. Contact us here...

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