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From Lightroom to Photo Supreme

Make the Move

1. In Lightroom, make sure that you export metadata to XMP. 

  1a. Select the thumbnails

  1b. Right click on a thumbnail and select "Metadata -> Save Metadata to File" from the context menu

  1c. Wait for the save operation to finish

2. In Photo Supreme, select "Data -> Import from Lightroom" from the upper left hamburger menu








3. Select your Lightroom catalog file. This is typically the file with the .lrcat extension.

4. Photo Supreme uses some dedicated top level Categories which Lightroom doesn't have. It is important that you specify in what Category the top level keywords from Lightroom should land in Photo Supreme. For example, if you have a top level keyword Family then make sure that it is stored in the People Category. 














5. Once you've defined how the top level keywords should convert to Catalog Labels, you're ready to go. 


6. Wait for all the progress bars to complete and do not close the application during this process. It will require you to start over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple Catalogs in Photo Supreme?

You can use multiple Catalog files in Photo Supreme. To create additional Catalog(s), select Tools - Catalog from the Hamburger menu (upper left).

The Catalog file in Photo Supreme is much larger than the Lightroom catalog file?

Photo Supreme stores more information in its catalog than Lightroom does. This way Photo Supreme can offer more extensive searching capabilities.

Is Photo Supreme 64 bit software?

Photo Supreme is available as 64 bit software for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

Other Resources


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