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What is Usage Data Tracking?

In Photo Supreme you can enable and disable Usage Data Tracking. Data Tracking enables the application to automatically track anonymous usage data that you can choose to share with us. It is encouraged for all users to keep Data Tracking enabled as it provides a valuable tool for understanding the performance of Photo Supreme while being used in an operational situation.

Why would I enable Usage Data Tracking?

Knowledge about computer systems used with Photo Supreme allows the development team to identify common setups and usability issues, leading to better product understanding. Knowledge about the used features of the software allows the development team to better identify the focus and direction of the product development. Knowledge about performance timings inside the software in operational situations will help identify performance issues.

What type of data is being tracked?

Photo Supreme collects anonymous data. This means that the tracked data will not lead to your identity as a person. The data being tracked is usage data of the application. 

Data being tracked by Usage Data Tracking:

  • System profile; e.g. installed system memory, installed processor cores, OS version details (Windows or macOS), display resolution, etc.

  • Photo Supreme profile; e.g. what user interface language, application version details, etc.

  • Data about your interaction with the software; e.g. selected Catalog Section, opened side/drawer panel, type of sharing profile, etc.

Data NOT being tracked by Usage Data Tracking:

  • Personal data; name, email address, license details, serial numbers, user names, etc.

  • User content; file names being referenced, metadata details, location data, label or collection names, search terms, etc.

  • Any user activity outside of the Photo Supreme application

For more information, also read our Privacy Policy statement

How can I enable/disable Data Tracking

In Photo Supreme you can enable and disable Usage Data Tracking in the Preferences. Open the Preferences and in section General, tick or un-tick the box for "Allow product usage data-tracking"


In the Server Edition this option can only be set by the Photo Supreme Administrator. The (changed) setting applies to all Photo Supreme client users after they restart the application.

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