You can take Photo Supreme Server Edition for a fully functional 30 day trial* ride. 

*During the trial period, an active internet connection is required. Once licensed, this is no longer a requirement.

Read the installation instructions for Photo Supreme Server Edition
for PostgreSQL
for Microsoft SQLServer
>> System Requirements for the Server
​Download a free, fully functional 30 day trial version for Photo Supreme Server Edition 
for Windows with PostgreSQL*
for macOS with PostgreSQL**
for Windows with SQLServer*
for macOS with SQLServer**

* Windows 7 or higher; Windows 8.1 or higher recommended

** macOS 10.11.6 or higher


Photo Supreme Server Edition uses a Concurrent License Model. This license allows you to purchase licenses equal to the largest number of computers likely to be using the software at a given time, rather than the total number of computers that the software has been installed on. You don’t pay for licenses that are not needed and when the need arises you can always add licenses. 

Read about our upgrade policy here