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New in Photo Supreme 2023


March 20, 2023

Scroll down for Additions, Improvements & Fixes per Build Number

Highlights for 2023

  • Next level Bookmarking

  • Scheduled Folder Verification

  • Bracket Searches in the Search Bar

  • Regular Expression Searches

  • Image Appearance browsing, directly from the Catalog based on color tint

  • Image Details Content Filter

  • Export to Catalog File

  • Cross Platform Folder Management for the Server Edition

For more details, see the complete list below


  • Added "Appearance" Catalog State

  • Added Regular Expression Searches in the search box with %regex or %re: prefix

  • Added Multiple Bookmarks

  • Added Verify Folder Scheduling

  • Added Cross Platform Folder support in the Server Edition to make it easier to use Photo Supreme in a network with both Windows and macOS computers

  • Added Bookmark popup menu to allow assigning one of the bookmarks

  • Added an option for "Custom Folder Offset" for Stack and Version Detection

  • Added Brackets in the upper right search box; e.g. (alex AND dean) NOT (john OR jane)

  • Added "Sort by Bookmark"

  • Added support for SQLServer 2022

  • Added support for PostgreSQL 15

  • Added Image Details Content Filter to narrow down the Image Details panel to show only fields matching certain content

  • Added "States from Repository" in the States section of the Catalog

  • Added directly download licenses from the Control Panel from inside the application

  • Added shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+1 to Ctrl+Alt+5 for bookmarking


  • 4835; Added more parameters to the CatalogPortfolioList macro command

  • 4827; Added Ctrl+Space thumb shortcut to toggle Bookmark on/off (will always toggle the white bookmark)

  • 4823; In the Filter Bar, you can now hold the Ctrl/Cmd key when clicking a Catalog Label to get a hierarchical result for that catalog label in the filter

  • 4823; Verify Folder now only reports folders that are not in the catalog when there are relevant files in that folder

  • 4823; When expanding a folder in the Catalog Tree then the sub folders are now sorted non-case sensitive in the Single User Edition

  • 4818; Updated German translations

  • 4816; You can now define the time offset for Verify Folder Schedules

  • Preference options are now stored encrypted in the Catalog

  • Changed Stack Markers to a new icon

  • Implemented new Bookmark icon on thumbs

  • Changed the Catalog Tree to add the new bookmarkers

  • Bookmarks are stored to the ICS

  • You can now use AND, OR, and NOT (upper case) in the search box as alternatives for +,space,-  e.g.(alex AND dean) NOT (john OR jane)

  • In the Image Details you now have an option to select the File Date for date fields

  • You can now add a text Search item to the Favorites, Dynamic Search, and Catalog Filter by clicking each of its plus button

  • The B-shortcut for Bookmarks in the Image Viewer now opens the Bookmarks popup

  • Bookmarker Names are now configurable in the Preferences

  • RAW Edits (LR/C1/DXO) are not applied when a THM proxy file exists. the proxy file will be read as-is

  • Removing a folder from the Catalog is now faster

  • Loading licenses in the Server Edition's User Management feature can now be done by downloading from the Control Panel

  • AD users can no longer use "remember password" in the login dialog

  • Deleting files from the catalog is ~4 times faster

  • Improved screen refresh after changing a main version for a version set

  • More robust while progress items are running


  • 4843; Fix for Cross Platform Folder being shared between Windows and macOS

  • 4843; Fix for the Info Text in the Viewer that is possibly overlapping with a monitor with a camera notch

  • 4840; Fix for possible padded bytes when using MTP/WPD to transfer files in the Import module

  • 4840; Fix when switching the Stacking view then the last selected image remains selected

  • 4838; Fix for possible Integer conversion exception when selecting a preconfigured Print Template

  • 4838; Fix for DNG files from BlackMagic cameras showing as black thumbnails

  • 4838; Fix for database upgrade on SQLServer when upgrading from PSU 5 or older

  • 4838; Fix for allowing PSU to run on SQLServer 2014 and earlier versions, while not supported

  • 4835; Fix for not showing ICD custom fields in Grid view

  • 4835; Fix for search error when entering an empty exact phrase

  • 4830; Fix when cascading metadata in combination with Catalog Labels could potentially not result in the metadata being cascaded

  • 4827; Fix for Custom Folder Offset version and stack detection not properly working when entering a static folder name

  • 4823; Fix for possible Access Violation in Grid Mode

  • 4823; Fix for Bookmark not persisting when changed in the Image Viewer

  • 4816; Fix for renamed Bookmarks not showing the new names in the States dropdown in the Filter Bar

  • 4816; Fix for message that no changes were found after a Scheduled Verify Folder completes. No message should be given

  • 4816; Fix for not being able to deselect a thumb using the Ctrl/Cmd+Click method

  • 4816; Fix for the installer for Photo Supreme Server Edition with PostgreSQL 15

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