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June 04, 2019

New in Photo Supreme 4.3

build 1707 - 2141


  1. Build 2141; Added a new Resize Method for "resolution" resizing; e.g. 7inch@300ppi

  2. Build 1910; Integrated the Repository for Sort Scripts

  3. Build 1878; Added option in Preferences for "Product usage data-tracking"

  4. Build 1826; Introduced -regdb startup command line to use a database file as registry

  5. Build 1784; Added startup parameter "-runscript filepath" to execute a script on startup

  6. Build 1784; Added "Scan for missing files" in the context menu of a folder

  7. Build 1755; Added support for Canon CR3 files

  8. Build 1755; When editing the portfolio details you can now enter a description and accessibility level

  9. Introduces support for "rejected" ratings


  1. Build 2032; Search box speed is now up to 4x faster in PostgreSQL

  2. Build 1964; Time Line items that are added to searches together are now always treated as "OR" to prevent dates from excluding each other

  3. Build 1957; Updated German translations

  4. Build 1957; For Quick Time video formats that don't keep metadata, the date will now be read from the video stream

  5. Build 1957; Replaced some "don't ask again" questions with standard questions

  6. Build 1947; Updated German translations

  7. Build 1943; Updated French translations

  8. Build 1943; Removing a folder from the Catalog is now faster

  9. Build 1943; Reverse Lookup is now slightly faster

  10. Build 1943; Closed down Google Plus Sharing feature, following Google's announcement

  11. Build 1926; Updated Portuguese and Russian translations

  12. Build 1920; On startup you're asked to enable usage data tracking

  13. Build 1910; Updated Dutch translations

  14. Build 1910; Private Portfolios are not stored in the ICS section of the image's metadata (if ICS writing is enabled)

  15. Build 1910; You can now use the mouse side buttons to go back/forward in a collection

  16. Build 1901; The mouse side-buttons for the Viewer are now switched to better match such back/forward behavior of other applications, like Internet Browsers.

  17. Build 1898; The login dialog for the Single User version no longer displays the local computer name as the server name

  18. Build 1890; Folder States selector now shows the colors in the popup

  19. Build 1890; Updated Italian translations

  20. Build 1872; Slightly faster overall performance

  21. Build 1857; The main search bar now searches about 60% faster

  22. Build 1857; Improved Reverse Lookup details/results

  23. Build 1857; Updated the PostgreSQL installation manual, added maintenance_work_mem recommendation

  24. Build 1857; Buttons with a click'n'hold option now have a visual indication on the button

  25. Build 1857; When opening the GEO Tag panel without a Google Maps API key defined will now display a warning message to request a API key first

  26. Build 1834; For the PostgreSQL Server Edition, less concurrent connections (max_connections setting) are needed

  27. Build 1834; Slightly faster startup time

  28. Build 1826; The default registry type on macOS changed from a registry file (registry.dat) to a database file (registry.db)

  29. Build 1809; When Verify Folder results are shown and a new result from another Verify Folders task rolls in, then both results will be displayed in the same set instead of showing only the last results

  30. Build 1784; Improved performance when expanding a catalog item with "many" sub items

  31. Build 1784; Improved performance for assigning/revoking catalog labels and for adding/removing images to/from a collection

  32. Build 1784; When adding a new Portfolio you can now enter the details

  33. Build 1784; Improved support for reading PNG image details

  34. Build 1784; Compact Database on the Server Edition will no longer perform DBA tasks for reindexing and vacuuming

  35. Build 1784; The script command PublicCatalog.BuildSearchData now also recreate the indexes for Postgresql (one needs to run the BuildSearchData when the user interface language is being permanently changed)

  36. Build 1755; The Label Assignment Panel performs better

  37. Build 1755; Fix for langitude and latitude translations in the Dutch set

  38. Build 1755; The reject icon now behaves as a toggle

  39. Build 1755; The rejection icon is better distiguishable

  40. Build 1755; Improved connection pooling system

  41. Build 1723; dynamic collection definitions are now stored in the database as JSON string instead of a binary stream

  42. Build 1713; Updated the Portuguese translations

  43. Build 1713; In the server version, user catalog restriction definitions are now stored in the database as JSON string instead of a binary stream

  44. Build 1707; Use "extra" mouse button in the Image Viewer

  45. Build 1707; Hold down Ctrl (win) or Cmd (mac) and use the scroll mouse wheel to navigate through images in the Image Viewer


  1. Build 2136; Fix for Place Holder matching during Version Detection

  2. Build 2136; Fix for a Access Violation that could occur

  3. Build 2082; Fix for reading Portfolio Structure from ICS

  4. Build 2082; Fix for Portfolio Hierarchy Display

  5. Build 2082; Fix for the SQLServer version to display hierarchy portfolio names

  6. Build 2077; Fix for scroll indicator icons in version tabs

  7. Build 2072; Fix for 64bit object pointers, when used, in the Scripter

  8. Build 2070; Fix for Single User edition, which sometimes wouldn't give results and raised "parser stack overflow" error

  9. Build 2054; Fix for writing metadata to very large TIF files

  10. Build 2032; Fix for reading JPG dimensions for progressive JPG files

  11. Build 2004; Fixed an issue with converting sRGB ColorSpace tag from Exif to XMP

  12. Build 2001; Fixed overly sized captions for prints on macOS

  13. Build 1990; iView/EM/MediaPro People labels are no longer converted to dc:Subject but to Iptc4xmpExit:PersonInImage. That way no duplicate Catalog Labels are generated on import

  14. Build 1986; Made some screen captions larger so that localizations fit better

  15. Build 1964; Fix for a sort order issue when copy/pasting a Portfolio Collection to another Portfolio

  16. Build 1964; Fixed that when no date is available in a MP4 file then that the date was generated as a 1904 date

  17. Build 1957; Fixed an issue that caused an Access Violation when quickly hovering the mouse over the version tabs of a thumbnail on macOS

  18. Build 1957; Fix in Verify Folder that could set a folder as "ignored" while there are images in sub folders

  19. Build 1951; Fix for possible duplicate people label assignment on import when several people labels exist in the hierarchy with identical names

  20. Build 1949; Fix for possible stability issue in Verify Folder

  21. Build 1947; Fix for displaying maps on macOS

  22. Build 1943; Fix to prevent exception when loading wrong formatted JSON strings

  23. Build 1943; Fixed an issue that caused ignored folders to be removed from the Catalog during Compact

  24. Build 1943; Fix for retrieving messages from the MessageCenter

  25. Build 1927; Fix for error that could occur when displaying custom selected version in Portfolio

  26. Build 1926; Fix for displaying custom selected version in a Portfolio Collection

  27. Build 1920; Fix for reading XMP that contains invalid/unencoded characters in the XML values

  28. Build 1920; In the Server Edition: Fix for reconnecting a background connection when it got disconnected by the server

  29. Build 1911; Fix for "% EventName" changing to "T EventName" in the renaming panels of the Import Module

  30. Build 1901; Fix for backup on PostgreSQL

  31. Build 1898; Fix for washed colors for some TIF files

  32. Build 1890; On macOS, the focus window is restored after showing a modal dialog

  33. Build 1890; On macOS, the suggestion drop down list for Areas were not scaled properly on a Retina display

  34. Build 1890; DNG files "without content but with metadata" will now show a preview/thumb as read from the Exif metadata (if available)

  35. Build 1890; Fix for Exception raised when "Show Areas" was switched off in the Viewer's details

  36. Build 1878; Fix for "unhandled property" when editing multiple catalog labels at once

  37. Build 1872; Fixed a text copy/paste issue on macOS

  38. Build 1872; Transfer profiles could not have special characters in the name

  39. Build 1872; Fixed an exception report when a non-numeric value was pasted to a numeric field. The pasted non-numeric value will now be ignored

  40. Build 1872; The Maps section in the GEO Panel no has a larger minimum size

  41. Build 1872; Google API key will now be stored trimmed to eliminate leading/trailing spaces from a copy/paste operation

  42. Build 1857; When saving an edited image (with recipe flattened) as a new image file on a network share then the file would not be stored in the selected folder but in a repeated folder below the original file folder

  43. Build 1857; Populating the country codes from geonames would sometimes lead to a 404 error (page not found)

  44. Build 1857; Some fields in Preferences->General are now hidden for users with the Catalog Browser right (Server edition)

  45. Build 1848; Fix for the occasional "Script Error" that could popup when opening the GEO Tag Panel

  46. Build 1845; Fix for sync issue on PostgreSQL

  47. Build 1842; Fix for warnings in PostgreSQL's log files

  48. Build 1838; When saving an edited image with recipe applied on macOS then the output file could be unreadable

  49. Build 1834; Fix for an Access Violation when switching the catalog section while the Quick Look panel is open

  50. Build 1826; Fix for occasional Access Violation that could be raised after using a filter

  51. Build 1826; Fix for an AV when Verification results roll in from multiple scans

  52. Build 1826; Backup SQLite is now handled in TCatalog.BackupDataToFile 

  53. Build 1826; Fix for occasional Access Violation that could occur during copy/paste

  54. Build 1826; More complete use of the OS proxy settings throughout the application

  55. Build 1826; Some fixes for shared file locking

  56. Build 1806; Fix for occasional duplicate label creation during an import of images sharing identical keywords

  57. Build 1806; Fix for opening script dialog from a rename rule on a hi-res monitor

  58. Build 1799; On Windows, sometimes, while building thumbs for file formats that are handled by the OS then you could get an icon thumbnail, even if there is a correct shell extension available for that format.

  59. Build 1799; When using the Session variable in a rename script of the Import Module then during editing of a profile PSU would incorrectly give a script error

  60. Build 1799; Fix for occasional "Class TvxScene" not found

  61. Build 1793; Fix for hanging in the Single User Edition after assigning a catalog label and when auto-sync is switched on

  62. Build 1790; Fix for saving metadata to files that are resized with a "max file size"

  63. Build 1790; Fix for a black area that could remain on-screen after closing a popup on macOS

  64. Build 1790; Fix for a possible "database locked" error in the Single User edition

  65. Build 1784; Getting altitude from Google now also uses the API key (needs Maps Elevation API enabled in your Google API Console)

  66. Build 1755; Fix for constant growing window when using "Show on Map" in Catalog Label details

  67. Build 1755; Fix for Photo Supreme icon display in the Launchpad of macOS on Retina displays

  68. Build 1755; Fix for displaying duplicate icons when using OR searches in the search bar; e.g. JOHN JANE. This would only be visible for images that had both conditions in the search matched

  69. Build 1755; Fix for displaying the flash icon in the Info Panel's camera display

  70. Build 1721; Fix for sometime incorrect metadata field lookup

  71. Build 1721; Fix for "Filter by Macro Command" dropdown

  72. Build 1713; Fix for printing captions

  73. Build 1707; Fix for setting HTML text after editing in the HTML editor

  74. Build 1707; Fix for reading arrays from JSON

September 11, 2018

New in Photo Supreme 4.2.1

build 1669, 1675


  1. When designing a Dynamic Collection you can now also add a "free text search" condition

  2. When designing a Dynamic Collection you can now also add a customer period in the Time Line

  3. Added a full-screen toggle option when running a slide show


  1. Build 1675; In the Server Edition, the web update check only takes place when a Photo Supreme-Administrator logs in

  2. Build 1675; When editing keywords in the Image Details, you can now ignore the advise to use Catalog Labels instead

  3. Added a sorting option in the Import Module


  1. Build 1675; Fixed unexpected long thumb building after importing an image that is then displayed on screen as a thumbnail

  2. Build 1675; Small fix in the text PostgreSQL installation instructions

  3. Fix for "parser stack overflow" that could occur when using Dynamic Collections in portfolios, resulting in no counts in the Catalog Tree

July 11, 2018

New in Photo Supreme 4.2.0

build 1577, 1582, 1590, 1595, 1601, 1607, 1613, 1626, 1631, 1640, 1649, 1656


  1. Speed! Photo Supreme is now up to 4 times faster to browse the Catalog


  1. Build 1649; Added CopyTextFromClipboard function to the Scripter

  2. Build 1640; You can now hold down Alt+Shift and click an item in the Catalog tree to add it as a NOT

  3. Build 1626; Google Maps now use the same language as Photo Supreme.

  4. Build 1626; The HEIC format is now also available on WIndows (requires the installation of the "HEIF Extension" from the Microsoft Store

  5. Build 1626; On macOS, the Server Editions now install to Applications as "Photo Supreme Server". This to allow having both Single and Server editions installed on one configuration (as was already possible on Windows)

  6. Build 1626; The Google Maps API key is now also used for getting the Maps. 

  7. Build 1626; Added TDownloadImage and TDownloadProfile to the scripting environment

  8. Build 1613; Updated Dutch translation

  9. Build 1600; Improved speed, now also for PostgreSQL and SQLServer versions

  10. Build 1600; The script "Filter with exactly one label" is replace with a version that allows you to configure the number of labels to filter. 

  11. Build 1595; Further improved performance for the Single User edition. Now up to 60% faster opening sets of images from the Catalog

  12. Improved performance when browsing through many folders using the PostgreSQL version

  13. Less memory consumption


  1. Build 1656; Fix for hanging when XMP in a file exists which is not written with standard XML format encoding

  2. Build 1649; Fix for calling the RAW converter for files containing special characters

  3. Build 1649; Fix for reading XML file as generated by MediaPro

  4. Build 1649; Fix for scaling issue in the Rating "slide-in" panel

  5. Build 1649; Fix for display issue when using GPS Altitude as a custom field in the Info Panel

  6. Build 1640; Fix for using macro variables that could lead to a URL parse results, even if not existing

  7. Build 1631; Fix for top level folder display issue that got introduced in build 1626

  8. Build 1626; Fix for capturing encoded characters from Console output (e.g. using the ExifTool Metadata script from the Repository)

  9. Build 1613; Reverted back to the previous Memory Manager to prevent unexpected application crashes

  10. Build 1607: Fix for "open database file does not exist" error

  11. Build 1599; Fix for connectivity issue with ZenFolio after their https migration

  12. Build 1595; Fix for Access Violation that could occur when hovering over, and then leaving an on-screen object

  13. Build 1595; Fix for Access Violation that could occur while moving the mouse while an on-screen object that was being animated

  14. Build 1590; Fix for not sync'ing versioned images

  15. Build 1587; Fix for determining installed system memory on macOS

  16. Build 1587; Fix for scaled controls while cropping an image

  17. Build 1587; Fix for not showing folder states in Folders view

  18. Build 1587; Fix for Access Violation that could occur when scrolling the thumbnails while selecting the,

  19. Build 1582; Fix for an Access Violation that could occur after closing the Light Table

  20. Build 1582; Fixed an issue where Location Shown was not written after performing a reverse lookup

  21. Fixed an Access Violation that could occur while closing the Full Screen view

  22. Fixed an exception that could occur when pasting from the Clipboard to a non existing catalog label

April 23, 2018

New in Photo Supreme 4.1.0

build 1402, 1410, 1436, 1441, 1456, 1465, 1484, 1495, 1502, 1511, 1513, 1526, 1534, 1542, 1548, 1566, 1573


  1. 64 bit support for macOS

  2. Improved support for V4 ICC profiles

  3. Up to 6x faster color profile processing

  4. Custom Thumb Info lines can now be downloaded from the Online Repository

  5. Timeline->Memories->Day now includes entries for every day of the week

  6. Timeline->Memories->Month now includes entries for every month of the year

  7. You can now group in-between results in a Dynamic collection (e.g. you can now create conditions like (John or Jane) and Jack by first grouping John or Jane together and then adding the Jack condition)

  8. You can now group in-between results in a User Access Management

  9. Added support for HEIC format on macOS

  10. You can now enter your personal Google Maps API to use for (Reverse) Lookups

  11. Filter Scripts can now be downloaded from the Online Repository


  1. Build 1566; When no Google Geocoding API is available, it will be asked for

  2. Build 1534; Added support for the new SmugMug OAuth2 login procedure

  3. Build 1534; Added the option to send exceptions directly to us

  4. Build 1526; All communication with online services now use https where applicable

  5. Build 1511; Improved color distinguishing between Yellow and Green color label

  6. Build 1511; Less physical concurrent connection for the PostgreSQL edition

  7. Build 1484; Updated Italian and French translations

  8. Build 1484; Smoother working in the Single User edition

  9. Build 1484; The max file name length in the database is up'ed from 255 to 1024

  10. Build 1465; Improved Italian translations

  11. Build 1456; You can now rename the top level root item of a drive/volume and give it an alternative name

  12. Build 1436; Improved Italian translations

  13. Faster screen painting on macOS

  14. More robust progress indicator

  15. HighDPI painting of the custom thumb text on macOS

  16. High res  3rd party application icons

  17. On application startup, non-ingested files (those with 1899 date) will be imported

  18. Photo Supreme now uses LibRAW for direct RAW conversion

  19. Improved thumbnail image drawing quality

  20. Improved custom thumb text quality

  21. The default for Image Process Limit in Preferences went to 800MB on 64 bit configs (400 for 32 bit)

  22. Nikon lens descriptions for prime lenses are cleaner (e.g. "20mm 1.8" instead of "20mm-20mm 1.8-1.8". If you need existing lens descriptions to be updated then re-importing the metadata by pressing Ctrl+Alt+S (Cmd+Opt+S on macOS)

  23. In the Preferences you can now enable or disable the integrated Online Repository

  24. New implementation of the backup/restore procedures for PostgreSQL

  25. The application starts faster on macOS

  26. Added support for more Exif fields


  1. Build 1573; Several fixes for Access Violation

  2. Build 1566; Fix for Access Violation that could occur after saving a Recipe for an edited image

  3. Build 1566; Fix for "Class not Registered" that occurred when installed on a Windows Server version

  4. Build 1566; Fix for Access Violation that could occur when opening the context menu of the Catalog

  5. Build 1566; Fix for Access Violation that could occur when setting active image

  6. Build 1566; Improved exception handling for Flickr and SmugMug

  7. Build 1548; Fix for moving portfolio collections up and down

  8. Build 1548; Fix for "out of memory" error that could sometimes occur

  9. Build 1542; Fix for LAP not always refreshing when switching thumbnails

  10. Build 1542; Fix for unneeded SmugMug messages

  11. Build 1534; Fix for manual sorting of portfolio collection that include images that are also part of other portfolio collections

  12. Build 1534; Fix for Import Profiles that use a copy script

  13. Build 1526; Fix for renaming folders in the Catalog Tree

  14. Build 1513; Photo Supreme could crash or display a Access Violation error after opening a file open or save dialog

  15. Build 1511; Version Detection in Stand alone edition wouldn't lead to full results

  16. Build 1511; Google Maps display on macOS was black due to a recent change in Google Maps

  17. Build 1511; Fix for trying to access the online repository, even when there is no active internet connection

  18. Build 1502 (SQLServer only); Fix for backup file in SQLserver edition

  19. Build 1495 (SQLServer only); Some fixes for "transaction errors" in SQLserver edition

  20. Build 1465; Faster display of sub groups in portfolio collections

  21. Build 1465; Improved performance for counting "large" results in the Catalog Tree
  22. Build 1456; Fixed non starting instances of Photo Supreme with an older database

  23. Build 1448; On macOS the Volumes are now monitored again

  24. Build 1448; The default user password, after creating a new user in the Server Edition, was not stored correctly if the password was not set on creating the user

  25. Build 1448; Fix for presenting the online Script Repository results

  26. Build 1441; Fixed progress issue during Import

  27. Build 1436; Fixed possible exception in the Import Module

  28. Build 1436; Fixed a potential progress issue in the Import Module

  29. Build 1436; Fixed an issue with compacting a SQLite thumbnails database (Transaction not active)

  30. Build 1436; Fixed an issue with the About dialog showing 46 bit software instead of 64 bit when using the German locale

  31. Build 1430; Fixed issue with mixed up items in the Catalog->Details

  32. Build 1410; Fixed and issue with GEO forward lookups from Google Maps

  33. Fixed some issues to prevent stalling the application under some circumstances

  34. Fixed reading the Panasonic serial number from maker notes

  35. Fixed an issue with reading some DOP files (from DxO)

  36. Fixed an issue with character encoding for special characters (Umlauts) in Reverse GEO Lookups

  37. Fixed an issue with displaying the content of some un-typed Exif fields

  38. Fixed the manual sort order in Portfolio Collections

  39. Fixed an issue with configuring a custom server port for PostgreSQL/SQLServer

  40. Fixed an issue with loading larger previews from some NEF files

February 11, 2018

New in Photo Supreme 4.0.1

build 1002, 1006, 1023, 1027, 1030, 1032, 1037, 1043, 1125, 1201


  1. Build 1125; Updated Portuguese localizations

  2. Build 1037; Now you can configure a Proxy Server for connectivity. Find the setting in Preferences->Other Settings

  3. Build 1023; Added a Filter Without Thumbnail filter script

  4. Build 1023; You can now edit a Custom Thumb Line in a text editor. Click the View button, then the drop down for a line and select "Edit as Text"


  1. Build 1043: More robust progress indication

  2. Build 1032; When an error occurs during "Build missing thumbs and previews" then those are reported after the build process, instead of ending the build process when an error occurred.

  3. Build 1032; When an error occurs during "Build missing thumbs and previews" then those are reported after the build process, instead of ending the build process when an error occurred.

  4. Build 1027; Rating star on thumbnails is now painted sharp on high dpi monitor

  5. Build 1027; Color label bar on thumbnails is now painted sharp on high dpi monitor

  6. Build 1027; Sync indicator on thumbnails is now painted sharp on high dpi monitor

  7. Build 1027; Faster loading of larger collections, using less memory

  8. Build 1023; Sharper icons for the configured Quick Start applications on a High DPI monitor

  9. Build 1006; Improved the icons in the "Auto Correct" filter editing effect

  10. Less obtrusive check for the availability of the Online Repository

  11. Improved slideshows to prevent a hickup at the end of a transition to a new slide

  12. Slideshow speed changed from 4 sec to 5 sec per slide

  13. Slideshows on macOS are smoother

  14. The tint for color labels on the thumbs now closer match the rest of the application

  15. Color labels in the Filter Bar are flattened


  1. Build 1201; Fixed an issue with reading the serial number for some specific Panasonic models and serial numbers

  2. Build 1201; Fixed an issue with connecting to a 2016/2017 MS-SQLServer database from Photo Supreme Server on macOS

  3. Build 1125; Fixed an issue with selecting role in the User Manager (Server edition)

  4. Build 1125; Fixed an issue that, under certain circumstances, could make PSU hang

  5. Build 1125; Fixed an issue that failed running Postgresql backups on macOS

  6. Build 1043; Fixed a stability issue in background processes

  7. Build 1032; Fixed an issue with opening images on a second monitor that uses a different DPI scaling than the primary monitor

  8. Build 1032; Fixed an issue with opening slideshows from an opened image on a second monitor

  9. Build 1030; Fixed an issue with drop-down box sizes on macOS

  10. Build 1027; Fixed an issue with missing scrollbars in some drop-downs

  11. Build 1023; Fixed an issue with reading Exif values for Fuji files

  12. Build 1023; Fixed an issue for scaling images in HTML text, as in custom thumbnail lines

  13. Build 1023; Fixed word wrapping for text fields in custom fields

  14. Build 1006; Fixed the open size of the LAP's magnifying glass drop down when there are label assigned

  15. Build 1006; Fixed some sort scripts that called DeEnumerateAll and replaced it with UnfetchAll

  16. Build 1006; Fixed occasional display of scroll bars in drop down lists

  17. Fixed for float values in Adobe CRS schema are now supported

  18. Fixed jumping display in Quick Look when the original image is smaller than the QuickLook image area

  19. Fixed the positioning of the Placeholder slider (when hovering over a version tab)

  20. Fixed a hanging process that could occur when starting Photo Supreme and instantly closing it.

  21. Fixed an issue with sending comma and apostrophe characters to Flickr

  22. Fixed an issue on macOS where edits weren't always displayed during Adjusting

February 05, 2018

New in Photo Supreme 4.0.0

build 982, 985, 992


  1. Build 992; Added an Open option in the Catalog menu for the Single Edition

  2. Added support for High Resolution monitors (4K)

  3. New flat GUI Design

  4. Added the GeoTIFF extension (TFW) as a sidecar definition for TIF files.

  5. You can now enter a description for a Portfolio Collection

  6. Stored Previews Size is increased from 1680 to max 3200

  7. Added a Memories section in the Time Line (CATALOG->By Date)

  8. You can now run applicable scripts from the online repository for a selection of thumbnail by right clicking on a thumbnail -> Run Script from Repository

  9. You can now create Dynamic Collections in a Portfolio

  10. In the Server Edition you can now specify which Catalog Manager user can delete from catalog and/or disk

  11. Added support for PostgreSQL 10

  12. Added support for SQLServer 2016 and SQLServer 2017

  13. You can now store a Dynamic Search as a Dynamic Collection in a Portfolio


  1. Build 992; When the repository can't be reached it will no longer raise an exception

  2. Build 992; Bitmap display is faster on macOS

  3. Build 992; For images stored on a removable medium you can now see the medium name when hovering over the thumb's title

  4. On macOS, Photo Supreme will now also check for color profiles in the ~/ColorSync/Profiles/ folder

  5. You can now use #system macro commands in the Quick Search; e.g. #system:dd

  6. When using mixed CaptureOne versions then V10 settings will now be used over those from V9
  7. Improved login logging for the Server edition

  8. When sync'ing a Portfolio to Flickr then changed Portfolio name will also change on Flickr

  9. You can now also import photo for Aperture/iPhoto that are not in Albums

  10. Email messages now use AutoTLS

  11. Fix for loading Progressive JPG images in CMYK color space

  12. Photo Supreme now uses IE.11 Engine (if available) for the Maps. This also eliminates the warning message displayed by Maps

  13. In the Image Editor (Adjust) you can now Save the recipe in the Save Button

  14. On 64 bit versions you can now output to the printer to up to 800dpi. For 32 bits this is limited at 400dpi

  15. You can now configure the text below the printed slots as HTML text and using macro commands

  16. Faster thumbnail scrolling

  17. "Save Recipe To File" now allows you to save the recipe anywhere on disk

  18. Implemented a new color picker for all places where a color can be picked (Canvas Size, on-image Captions, etc)

  19. Watermarks, Captions, and CanvasSize effect settings now show a more clear indicator of the settings for position, alignment, and borders

  20. Improved the way that PSU determines if an active internet connection is available

  21. Improved suggestion results in the Search bar with PostgreSQL version

  22. Photo Supreme now uses less CPU when Inactivity Lock Period is set in the Server Edition

  23. categories can now be defined as: private, public, or published

  24. Ignored folders are now painted with a strikeout font instead of italic

  25. The Label Assignment Panel now also shows Private Catalog Labels in italic

  26. The user interface of the "Share with Flickr" dialog is now complying with the overall application user interface

  27. Improved identification of system folders on Windows Vista and up

  28. The Scripter UI is now more in line with the overall application

  29. User Management for users is expanded so that, for each user, you can define which parts of the Catalog can be accessed and which not

  30. Improved the HTML handling inside the application

  31. Faster thumbnail building

  32. You can now write Email text in an HTML editor

  33. Photo Supreme now writes XMP with "xmpXXX" field names for the basic, MM, Rights, TPg and BJ schemas instead of the older "xapXXX" field names. "xapXXX" names will be automatically converted to "xmpXXX" names on re-writeing the XMP

  34. Improved the HTML support level inside the application

  35. Photo Supreme now supports Retina (and 5K monitors) on macOS

  36. There's now an option to disable auto-rotation when printing

  37. Faster thumbnail painting speed

  38. On macOS, the fullscreen Slideshow feature now also uses the Dock area

  39. Improved image display quality on macOS

  40. The Custom Fields implementation is completely rewritten and more robust

  41. On macOS, package/bundle folders are no longer scanned through

  42. PSU writes attributes in XMP no longer pre-sorted

  43. The Favorites Panel now has a menu to clear all favorites or to add the active collection as a favorite

  44. Vocabularies for metadata input fields are now stored in the database instead of on the file system

  45. Smoother Slideshow transitions as well as improved display quality

  46. The Downloader is not full screen

  47. The text of boxes in LAP are no longer with shadow

  48. Controls in the Watermarks feature is now smoother

  49. Similar Images and Duplicate Images will no longer include couples within the same version set

  50. You can now detect versions in sibling folders

  51. Tabs that take longer than 10secs to load will not be restored on startup

  52. Improved support for CaptureOne 11


  1. Build 992; Fixed a page 404 for Flickr authentication

  2. Build 992; Fixed a page 404 for Google+ authentication

  3. Build 992; Fixed an issue with checking the Internet connected state on macOS

  4. Build 992; Updated URL to several online resources

  5. Build 992; Fixed an issue that in some cases caused a run time exception on closing Photo Supreme

  6. Build 985; On a new installation, the Catalog database folder would not be created

  7. Panasonic and Leica files wouldn't always show the correct resolution in the Info panel. Use "Convert Metadata to XMP" to get the updated resolution for images that are already in the Catalog

  8. When the Tips are closed with one of the tips active then the tip's callout would remain on -screen

  9. On some configurations, the check for an active internet connection was unreliable
  10. When right clicking on the Map you would get the browser's context menu first instead of the Photo Supreme menu

  11. Popups will no longer run off the screen

  12. In some case, the Batch Settings callout would not be positioned correctly

  13. Fixed an issue in the MediaPro import when a file was exported with MediaPro with POSIX format on the Windows Platform

  14. When moving a collection up or down then all the images in it would go out of sync

  15. More robust Verification

  16. Some newer DOP files from DxO would generate an error while handling float values

  17. Fixed an issue for ordering Portfolio collections in a Portfolio

  18. Fixed an issue in the Rename DIalog where changing the file extension with a macro parameter (like upper or lowercase) then the file extension would be doubled

  19. Fixed an issue in Postgresql version where a semi colons in the search bar text would not lead to a result; e.g. alex@XMP.dc:subject

  20. Several fixes in the Flickr sync feature

  21. Fixed an issue with locking during thumbnail building for a SQLite thumbnails database

  22. Fixed an error that could be raised after clicking the processing button in the Folder Verification dialog

  23. Fixed an issue where deleting collections in the collection viewer wouldn't delete the collections

  24. Fixed an issue with a blocking message while restoring a PostgreSQL database

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