February 17, 2020

New in Photo Supreme 5.3

build 2722


  1. Build 2705; Added new Batch Effect called "Alpha Channel Removal"

  2. Build 2705; Added new macro commands: %MainVersionFileName, %MainVersionFileExtension, %IsVideo %/IsVideo block, and %NotIsVideo %/NotIsVideo block

  3. Build 2673; Added a "quick" verification method that verifies based on file details (size and date stamp)

  4. Build 2654; Added feature to assign Catalog Labels in the Import Module

  5. Build 2643; Added new and improved Lightroom Import feature

  6. Build 2592; Added support for IPTC Regions

  7. Build 2513; Added "Sync Portfolio to Folder"

  8. Build 2513; Added "Hue Shift" color effect

  9. Build 2465; You can now set a stack's top level item (click Stack icon)

  10. Build 2465; There's now a Sort By Stack

  11. Build 2465; Stacks are now represented by a color when viewed "unstacked"

  12. Build 2446; Added text/OCR detection in the Image Viewer and Batcher

  13. Build 2446; Added support for PostgreSQL 12

  14. Allow automatic Parent and/or Child assignments for Label Relationships

  15. New Preference setting to always display version as a set

  16. Artificial Intelligence support (using Google Vision):

    1. Added Labels, Object, and Landmark Detection Effect in Batcher

    2. Added Label Detection in the Label Assignment Panel

    3. Added Object Recognition, Face Detection, and Landmark Recognition to the Areas features in the Image Viewer

    4. Added options to do Label Detection, Object Recognition and Landmark Detection during Import of images

  17. Manual Sorting of Portfolios

  18. Added support for macOS Catalina

  19. Added support for the JFIF file extension

  20. Added Slide Show Caption to preferences and slide show display

  21. Added spelling checking

  22. Added suggestions for spelling errors

  23. Added Stacking support

  24. The Server Edition can now be used with PostgreSQL version 11

  25. Added a Side Menu bar for easier access to the Menu, and Preferences

  26. Added support for MWG-Collections in metadata

  27. Added a new default Transfer profile that copies files always with the JPG extension

  28. Added setting for user history logging in the Server Edition

  29. Added Spanish translation

  30. You can now save/load different Custom Thumb Info sets for thumbnails

  31. Added support for "resolution" resize (e.g. 20cm @ 200ppi)

  32. Added language configuration to the Preferences for Google API calls (for Google Vision and Google GeoCoding). This uses Google Translate API

  33. Added "Read all Out of Sync" implementation


  1. Build 2719; Performance improvement on macOS

  2. Build 2719; The GEO Panel is now enabled, also without Google API key. Without the Google API key, the Map will not be displayed but you can use manual field entry

  3. Build 2719; Improved performance when using macro commands inside a macro conditional block (like %GPSExists %/GPSExists or %IsVideo %/IsVideo)

  4. Build 2709; Updated German translations

  5. Build 2709; Improved database connection recovery in the Server Edition after the database server disconnects a session

  6. Build 2705; When searching for Missing Thumbs and Previews, then PSU will also search for obsolete thumbs

  7. Build 2705; Categories can now have opacity in their color definition

  8. Build 2692; Performance increase for users with restricted catalog access in the Server Edition

  9. Build 2692; Updated Dutch translations

  10. Build 2692; Users with Catalog Browser rights (Server Edition) who have restricted access now only see info that complies with their restrictions

  11. Build 2673; Support for CaptureOne sidecar files from v9, v10, v11, v12 and v20

  12. Build 2663; "Verify Folder", "Scan for Missing Files", "Scan for Missing Folders", and "Scan for Missing Folders and Files" is now up to 50% faster.

  13. Build 2663; In the Single User edition, compacting the database will also do a rebuild of the indexes

  14. Build 2647; Updated French translations

  15. Build 2643; Updated Italian and Russian translations

  16. Build 2643; You can now drag/drop a catalog label to another catalog label while holding down the Alt+Shift combination and on drop a relationship between the two catalog labels will be created

  17. Build 2616; In Transfer profiles you can now opt to draw areas on output image (Catalog section)

  18. Build 2616; You can now "delete and area" from the triangle menu

  19. Build 2616; Added Alt+A as a shortcut for adding an area

  20. Build 2607; It is now possible to display areas as circular or rectangular

  21. Build 2592; Database handling is about 20% faster for the SIngle User Edition

  22. Build 2592; Faster thumbnail drawing

  23. Build 2592; Faster file streaming (to and from)

  24. Build 2592; While loading a thumbnail in the background, the background of the thumb is now colored

  25. Build 2592; Improved read-ahead implementation in the Image Viewer

  26. Build 2562; Improved Portfolio "Sync to Folder"

  27. Build 2562; User Authorizations are is now stored more efficiently in the database

  28. Build 2552; Higher quality histogram display

  29. Build 2552; While Compacting the database, a continuous progress bar is shown

  30. Build 2552; Improved Tone Curve drawing quality on hi-res monitors

  31. Build 2552; Added Alt+RightCursor key and Alt+ExpandIicon-Click to recursive expand a node in the Catalog Explorer (macOS convention)

  32. Build 2552; Implemented auto-gray, auto-black, and auto-white point detection (Alt+Click on black/gray/white point in the Tones Effect settings)

  33. Build 2542; Improved sorting in the Delete confirmation where an image is part of multiple collections

  34. Build 2542; Added notarizing for the Server Edition on macOS to eliminate the macOS run warning

  35. Build 2536; Improved Histogram accuracy and painting

  36. Build 2530; Smoother screen painting in the Light Table when multiple images are scrolled synchronous

  37. Build 2523; Smoother animations

  38. Build 2523; Improved the Gray Point implementation in the Tone Curve

  39. Build 2513; Smoother operating of the Thumbnail Zoom slider

  40. Build 2493; Improved thumb draw quality when OS scaling is configured

  41. Build 2485; During import the progress bar now uses a "continuous bar" for better user feedback

  42. Build 2485; Using the Sharing features on a JPG with "Keep original size" now works faster

  43. Build 2485; Using the Sharing features on a ARW with "Keep original size" now converts the ARW to a full size if there's no full size preview stored in the ARW

  44. Build 2485; In most areas, the application performs about 15% faster overall

  45. Build 2485; Improved information when an issue is raised while upgrading a catalog/database

  46. Build 2470; Updated Spanish translations

  47. Build 2470; Added a first Versions & Stacks manual

  48. Build 2470; Improved performance for stacking/unstacking

  49. Build 2465; The stack order is now also stored in the ICS schema

  50. Build 2459; On1RAW sidecar files now only apply to RAW files

  51. Build 2459; Updated French translations

  52. Build 2459; New vector based disk drive graphics

  53. Build 2459; Faster (thumb) painting

  54. Build 2459; The Google Maps now uses the language setting as defined in the Preferences

  55. Build 2459; Improved database connection recovery in the Server Edition after an unexpected server-side disconnect

  56. Build 2436; Filtering a set of thumbnails with a filter script is now up to 20x faster

  57. Build 2436; Updated Italian translations

  58. Build 2423; The Categories and Types sections now open faster in larger catalogs

  59. Build 2423; The default Stack Display is now set to "Unstacked"

  60. Build 2423; Added PostgreSQL 11 as an option to the Windows installer

  61. Build 2423; Default Administrator name changed from "Photo Supreme Administrator" to just "Administrator"

  62. Build 2423; Updated German translations

  63. Build 2423; For the License Stats in the User Manager (Server Edition), the auto refresh rate is changed from 120 seconds to 30 seconds

  64. Build 2423; Default for "Apply Stacking" for a new import profile is now OFF

  65. Build 2423; Improved performance for %secondsbetween macro variable (Stack Detection)

  66. Build 2401; %secondsbetween for version detection can now also be float value (you must use the period as decimal separator)

  67. Build 2401; The Username of the logged in user is now added to the Application Title bar in the server edition

  68. Build 2392; Added a new preference for default stack display style (stacked or unstacked)

  69. Build 2392; Implemented %secondsbetween{seconds} macro to be used for VersionDetection

  70. Build 2392; You can now use macro parameters LEFT/RIGHT using a negative value; e.g. %filename{left=-2} meaning the left of the filename for the current length minus 2

  71. The ICS Schema now also contains Label Synonyms

  72. The searchbox is now up to 4x faster on Postgresql

  73. Shortcut Shift+M now opens the Hamburger Menu

  74. Changed shortcut for filter bar to Alt+Shift+F

  75. Opening a set in the Collection Viewer is now up to 9 times faster on SQLite, 3 times faster on PostgreSQL and SQLServer

  76. Batches can now run multi threaded for a set of selected images. Many operations internally use a Batch (like Rename, Rotate, or Redate). Depending on the hardware, running a Batch can now perform up to 4 times as fast.

  77. The last "on-screen application position" is remembered for the next application start

  78. Increased the available Custom Thumbnail Lines from 5 to 10

  79. On close application, you're asked to close all tabs

  80. Implemented support for OnOne (.on1) sidecar file

  81. There's now an option to reset the Sync settings to their defaults

  82. Catalog Labels to/from the Objects category to/from Iptc4xmpExt:ArtworkOrObject for a tighter IPTC4XMP integration

  83. Added option to Filter by Reject-rating

  84. When restoring for PostgreSQL, the database is no longer first re-created

  85. The Light Table limit is raised from 6 to 8

  86. New Macro Commands for most relevant metadata date fields (photoshop:CreateDate; exif:DateTimeDigitized; exif:DateTimeOriginal

  87. Every 14 days the you're reminded to compact the catalog

  88. On WIndows there's now improved support for Scaling when using dual monitors each with different scaling setting in Windows

  89. Added Jobs implementation for internal use during Import

  90. Introduction of #server macros in the server edition

  91. The LAP's magnifying glass drop down now shows parent assignments yellow instead of gray. And gray check marks indicate "clickable"

  92. Suggestions in the LAP now show the most popular catalog labels if no results are found

  93. The version rules from preferences in Download profiles are now used for version detection during import

  94. Allow Areas, only to be displayed when hovered

  95. Newly created Catalog Labels won't be marked as "Recently Used" in the LAP

  96. Faster screen painting in the Catalog Explorer Tree

  97. Moved Catalog Menu to a level higher in the Hamburger menu

  98. On macOS, there's now an option to open the Hamburger menu in the Application menu

  99. Added an option to delete all areas in the Viewer

  100. In the Server Edition, You can now specify what action should take place when the inactivity period expires: lock, logout, or close app

  101. Added shortcut for Reject rating using the X key

  102. Displaying version sets in the Collection Viewer is now up to 6 times faster

  103. Dynamic Range effect is now also available in the Batcher

  104. Dynamic Range can now have a setting from -100 to 100 (was 0 to 100)

  105. For all editing Effect sliders you can now double click on the caption to reset its value

  106. Last import drop down now groups entries by the minute so that different import stamps within the same minute are grouped together

  107. You can now configure People, Object and Event syncing in the Preferences

  108. In the rename panel you can now click on a Macro rename-item to change it to a different macro

  109. People, Events, and Objects are now marked as Published by default

  110. Added hints for the default password on login when the password is the default password

  111. People, Events, and Objects are now marked as Published by default


  1. Build 2722; Quick fix for PSU not starting on macOS Sierra (10.12) and lower

  2. Build 2722; Quick fix for paint issue on Windows that got introduced in build 2719

  3. Build 2719; Fix for Single User edition where passing command line parameters would always show the login dialog, regardless what is passed

  4. Build 2719; Reindexing on Compact now takes place every 4 times that the catalog is compacted

  5. Build 2719; Larger SQLite cache size when more internal memory is available

  6. Build 2710; Fix for the Sync service not kicking in after a folder import using the Server Edition for PostgreSQL version

  7. Build 2705; Fix for low quality thumb painting after switching away and back to Photo Supreme

  8. Build 2705; Fix for folder selection drop down when the max of 8 items in the list is reached

  9. Build 2705; Fix for when removing a version from a version set (becoming a new catalog item) then the Import Date would not be retained

  10. Build 2705; Fix for sometimes a thumbnail not being removed from the database when deleting an image from the catalog

  11. Build 2692; Fix for Catalog Label name disappearing for group thumbs when expanding a parent label

  12. Build 2692; The default blend mode for Watermarks in Adjust is now Normal instead of None

  13. Build 2692; Fix for Stacks not being displayed in the Image Viewer after applying a filter to the collection

  14. Build 2692; When -S, -D, -U and -P are specified as a startup command line parameter then the login dialog is skipped

  15. Build 2692; Removed comment about Mirroring in DNGCopyHandler.psc

  16. Build 2692; Fix when trying to login with a username that doesn't exist. No message was then given why the login failed

  17. Build 2678; Fix for possible false positives when using "Verify Folder Quick"

  18. Build 2676; Quick fix for "verify folder all", which would also check on file stamp where older versions only did binary checking. This is now reverted to only binary checking

  19. Build 2674; Quick Fix for idCount error that was raised when trying to delete a thumb that is also part of a collection

  20. Build 2673; Fix for the Server Edition for a possible admin lockout during timezone difference period (for positive GMT time zones)

  21. Build 2673; Fix when search results from the search box would lead to excessive numbers then the application could crash. The results are now limited to 40K on 64bit systems or 20K on 32bit systems

  22. Build 2663; Fix for, when editing a Category, the name would not be focused

  23. Build 2663; fix for being able to click on a catalog label in the new Catalog Labels setting in the Import module

  24. Build 2654; Fix for handling photo file parameters on macOS

  25. Build 2654; Fix where saving a Sub Folder rename rule in the IMport Module would save it with the .filerename extension instead of the .folderrename Extension

  26. Build 2654; Fix for changing color checkmarks in Dynamic Collection selector, when hovering

  27. Build 2654; Fix for the Lightroom Import dialog not being sizeable

  28. Build 2643; Fix for reading date/time from Samsung Galaxy MP4 files

  29. Build 2643; Fix for possible Access Violation when using the context menu for the Catalog Labels

  30. Build 2643; Fix for black thumbs for in DNG files for some Samsung phone models

  31. Build 2643; Fix for not being able to combine  "no rating" with other ratings

  32. Build 2643; Fix for not being able to combine  "no color label" with other color labels

  33. Build 2632; Fix for dragging a Dynamic Collection as a child of a collection that is part of the Dynamic Collection's definition

  34. Build 2632; Fix for a Portfolio/Collection "Sync With Folder" not syncing images that are part of two different collections in the portfolio/collection

  35. Build 2632; Fix for possible Error "HintWindow Cannot Focus" after selecting a directory

  36. Build 2628; Fix for Catalog Labels in a Private category not always displaying italic

  37. Build 2628; Fix for possible error: Cannot focus THintWindow on macOS

  38. Build 2624; Fix for a possible removal of the designated custom root level after a compact of the catalog

  39. Build 2624; Fix for counters for large number of catalog labels at the same hierarchy level slowing the entire application down

  40. Build 2619; Fix for possible "database is locked" message during compact of database

  41. Build 2616; Fix for possible application stall on compacting the database

  42. Build 2616; Fix for cumulative date shift

  43. Build 2607; Small fix for calculating histogram details

  44. Build 2607; Fix for possible Foreign Key error when using Landmark or Object detection on a versioned image

  45. Build 2607; Fix for catalog label name for detected Landmark or Object catalog label not being localized in a non-English interface

  46. Build 2607; Fix in Scripter when using the Continue statement within a FOR or WHILE loop that contains a nested try-finally. This could give run time exception

  47. Build 2607; Fix for slow Compact Database in SQLite

  48. Build 2607; Fix for writing areas to ICS

  49. Build 2592; Fix for detecting Landmarks from the Image Viewer

  50. Build 2592; Fix for running FilterScripts that use a user interface on macOS

  51. Build 2592; Fix for "unrated state" that included both "0 and -1" ratings instead of only 0

  52. Build 2592; The installer removes the old HKCU registry values that interfere with the GEO Browser display

  53. Build 2592; Fix for no action when selecting to compact the thumbnails only

  54. Build 2592; Fix for Quick-Look possibly getting displayed out of bounds

  55. Build 2570; Fix for when an image is removed from a version set that is part of a Portfolio Collection, then the removed version would not return in the collection 

  56. Build 2570; Fix for possible "constraint violation" when using Version with PlaceHolder matching

  57. Build 2570; Fix for images not going out of sync after changing a Portfolio's name

  58. Build 2562; Fix for using Portfolio in the authorization model of a user

  59. Build 2556; Fix for startup failure on macOS in build 2552

  60. Build 2556; In the Server Edition, when deleting a user from the User Manager then PSU now keeps all of the catalog labels that were created by the user

  61. Build 2552; Fix for Access Violation that could occur when opening the Preferences with Portuguese locale

  62. Build 2552; Fix for storing Tone Curve in a recipe (would sometimes not stick)

  63. Build 2542; Fix for HEIC files being exported in preview size when using "keep original size"

  64. Build 2536; Fix for not replacing MWG collections and MWG areas completely

  65. Build 2536; Fix when using "Cut" in a portfolio collection to a new collection it would use "copy" instead

  66. Build 2530; Fix for crash when a dynamic collection contains a dynamic collection that is already in the same hierarchy

  67. Build 2523; Fix for Gaussian Blur on macOS where the colors would be "off"

  68. Build 2523; Fix for painting Image Viewer after the left mouse button is released

  69. Build 2523; Fix for when copy/paste a Dynamic Collection to a sub collection, then the original content was duplicated

  70. Build 2523; Several fixes for viewing images in the Light Table

  71. Build 2513; Fix for callouts in the Import Module running outside of the screen bounds on low resolutions (or high scaling)

  72. Build 2513; Fix for when color label and rating are defined in the image details of a catalog then they wouldn't be applied

  73. Build 2513; Fix for when copy/paste a Dynamic Collection then the original content was duplicated

  74. Build 2513; Fix for AV in the item editor of the Image Details (for lists)

  75. Build 2500; Fix for possible hang after selecting to save a batch

  76. Build 2497; Fix for possible "transaction not set" when doing a Compact in the Single User version

  77. Build 2493; Fix for being able to configure the Google API language in Preferences when not logged in as the administrator

  78. Build 2490; Fix for low quality thumbnail painting when using scaling in the Operating System

  79. Build 2487; Fix for possible hanging of the sync-process after an import

  80. Build 2485; Fixed the incorrect text for some locales when changing the application language to a different language

  81. Build 2485; Fix for Sync or Thumb process sometimes not starting after an import

  82. Build 2473; Fix for uploading to SmugMug with % characters in keywords and title(s)

  83. Build 2465; When copying an XMP sidecar files the lowercase .xmp extension is used instead of uppercase

  84. Build 2446; Fix for an issue that could potentially prevent an area from being deleted

  85. Build 2446; Fix for job cleanup after failing job

  86. Build 2446; Fix for showing hint texts in Dark Mode on macOS Mojave and Catalina

  87. Build 2446; Fix for a possible "duplicate constraint violation" that could occur when opening the Labels in the filter bar

  88. Build 2446; Fix for occasional error "incomplete file" when uploading to SmugMug

  89. Build 2446; Fix for mapping Object labels to Iptc4xmpExt:ArtworkOrObject.AOTitle

  90. Build 2436; Fix for performance drop on macOS running with dual monitors

  91. Build 2436; Fix for tab order in re-date dialog

  92. Build 2436; On startup, the keyboard focus is set on the collection viewer

  93. Build 2436; Fix for a possible Access Violation that could happen when removing hierarchical items from the Catalog Explorer

  94. Build 2436; Flipped Rotate icon in editor for consistency with rotation editor panel

  95. Build 2426; Fix for a possible "division by zero" error during database conversion to V5

  96. Build 2426; Fix for invisible "editing parameters" in the Rename settings on macOS

  97. Build 2423; Fix for the missing "Remove" context menu item for a Relationship

  98. Build 2423; Fix for an Access Violation when deleting a series of selected recursive collections in the catalog tree.

  99. Build 2423; A client license fix in the Server Edition

  100. Build 2423; Fix for using "Empty Image Basket" when running with Catalog Browser rights

  101. Build 2423; In "Export To Folder", it is now no longer allowed to use the option to store the result as a version

  102. Build 2423; The Catalog menu in the Hamburger menu is lo longer included for non-admin users

  103. Build 2401; Fix for painting version tabs on macOS with hi resolution monitors

  104. Build 2401; Fix for possible Access Violation when setting custom thumbnails

  105. Build 2401; Fix for a possible "Duplicate" violation in the dropdown of the filter bar->Label

  106. Build 2401; Authorization restriction fixes when a user with Catalog Browser rights logs in (Server Edition)

  107. Build 2392; Fix for a possible "foreign key" constraint exception when creating versions

  108. Build 2386; Provides a workaround for GEO Panel context menu on macOS

  109. Build 2386; Fix for clipping of Command Bar

  110. Build 2381; Fix for paint issue on macOS in pre-Mojave macOS versions running on a retina/hi-res monitor

  111. Fix for reading dimensions for progressive JPG files

  112. Fix for rating/colorlabel/bookmark not always represented when browsing in the Viewer

  113. Fix for searchbar when using combined exact texts (e.g. "test"+"image"

  114. Fix; when pasting a detail profile from clipboard, the details for fields that already had a value weren't pasted

  115. Fix: For Memo screen control, the scroll bars were not always displayed for long texts

  116. Fix for occasional database error "Parser Error" in Single User version (SQLite)

  117. Fix: the message to use catalog labels instead of direct keyword editing now no longer pops up at other fields using the same array editor

  118. Fix for 64bit object assignments in Scripter

  119. Fix for progress bars during import

  120. Fix for scroll icons for version tabs on thumbnails

  121. Fix; When reading ICS and the unique ID changes to that in the ICS then the import of an image would write to the metadata

  122. Fix for sorting in the Area Link popup

  123. Fixed several typos in the Tips

  124. Fix for Access Violation after using the Quick Select in the Image Viewer

  125. Fix for version placeholder detection masks that contain macros in the masks

  126. Fix for position of message dialog window when using multiple monitors

  127. Fix for Windows 8.1 identification

  128. Fix for showing Reject ratings on version items

  129. Fix for potential Access Violation when closing the full screen viewer

  130. Fix for alignment issue for Area titles

  131. Fix for ExifTool filename on macOS that is used for %exiftool macros

  132. Improved "Save all Out Of Sync" implementation or large catalogs

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