Photo Splash offers you exactly those features that you need to create spot colored images in a glance. By using pre-selections you get a jump start that allows you to finish the color splash within seconds. Then if you need more detailed control, the more advanced features for brushing, zooming, color shifts, are all available at your fingertips.

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Jump Start

With Photo Splash, we have built a color splash tool that is faster than any comparable tool out there. Not only operating the tool is fast, but we made the user interface in such a way that you can achieve the desired result as quick as possible. You won’t be disappointed. We’ve added pre-selections to the application that offers you a way to start your color splash from a specific color, or range of colors. For instance; by selecting the “Reds” preset, then Photo Splash will cleverly select a range of red tints in your image as if you splashed those. How cool is that? There are pre-selections available for color ranges like Reds, Yellows, Greens, Cyans, Blues, Purples. But there are also selections for Skin Tones, Highlights, Shadows, and Colored areas. There’s a pre-selection available that can be used for almost every image and if there’s none, then you can always make a pre-selection manually by sliding in the colors you need.

Wrap it up

Once finished splashing your images you are ready to share it with your friends on Facebook™ or by saving it to file, ready to be sent out.

Features <span class="spamp">&</span> Highlights

Features & Highlights

Gain fast results by using presets and smart brushing options.
Brush in color and/or monochrome
Make pre-selections
Smart Brushing
Invert color and monochrome
Zoom in/out
Use gray, blue tone, or sepia backgrounds
Add brightness/contrast/saturation
Shift colors; e.g. make red turn blue
Compare before/after side-by-side
Copy/Paste to clipboard
Save in different formats
Upload to Facebook
<a name="buynow">Windows</a>
Requires Windows Vista or up
1 GB internal memory
20 MB free disk space


Requires OSX 10.6.8 or up
1 GB internal memory
20 MB free disk space