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Please welcome Photo Supreme 2023

We are proud to announce the newest Photo Supreme, a new generation of our full featured Asset Management software. This major update adds more management features, and refines existing features. There to help you achieve an even more effective image archive.

More Bookmarking

Add a new dimension to your workflow with the new Bookmarking system. Use up to 5 different bookmarks to extend your possibilities for creating cross sections in the Catalog.

Scheduled Folder Verification

One of the most requested features is Scheduled Folder Verifications. With Verify Folder you could already scan through a folder and find new files and folders, changed files, and/or deleted files and folders on the File System compared to what is in the Catalog. With Scheduled Folder Verification you can now schedule when a Verify Folder is automatically triggered for one or more folders. This way you be sure that the File System is correctly reflected in the Catalog. That is particularly handy when also using other software on your files. 

More advanced
Search Bar

The Search Bar in Photo Supreme has always been one of the biggest eye-catchers. It enables you to very easily search through the entire catalog by typing search terms. In v2023 the search engine got completely revamped and two new features were added: bracket searches and regular expression searches.

Not only can you now use the AND/OR/NOT search operators, but you can now also use brackets(!!) to build extremely powerful searches.

New Catalog States

Unique in Photo Supreme is how you can browse and search the Catalog using the state of the assets in the catalog. V2023 adds more states to better slice-and-dice the Catalog. You now get states for Appearance: colored, black/white, monochrome, reddish, blueish and greenish. This enables you to use a color tint as an identifier for your assets. Also new are the Repository States. These are script-based Catalog States that integrate seamlessly into Photo Supreme. This way you get extended States with more exotic definitions.

Image Details Filter

We've all been there: there is some text in one of the hundreds of metadata fields...but which field is it? That is where the new Content Filter comes in handy. By filtering in the Image Details you can now limit the displayed fields in the panel to only show those fields containing the filter text. A massive timesaver.

Cross Platform Folder Management

With the Server Edition you can now manage files that are stored on a Windows and/or macOS file system and still have all clients access them, regardless of the OS that they run. This makes it possible to use Photo Supreme on a mixture of Windows and macOS computers, accessing the same Catalog.

Export to Catalog File

Every now and then you want to export a subset of images to a separate Catalog file. With Photo Supreme 2023 this is now possible. This allows you to split your catalog or to share a set of images with others, simply by sharing the exported Catalog files which they can then open in Photo Supreme Single Edition.

Wait, there's more

  • The Server Edition can now store updates to deploy to clients directly

  • Support for PostgreSQL 15 and SQLServer 2022

  • Custom Offset Folder Mask for Version and Stack Detection

  • Integrate License Service. Licenses can be downloaded from within Photo Supreme

  • Added "Sort by Color Tint"

  • Performance improvements for text searches and deleting from the Catalog

  • And more...

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