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Please welcome Photo Supreme V6

We are proud to announce the newest Photo Supreme, a new generation of our full featured Asset Management software. This major update is about uncompromised performance, stability increase, and new management features to help you to achieve an effective image archive.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

We're proud to offer you an improved user experience without compromising the feature set. Photo Supreme V6 is up to 40% faster to scroll thumbnails, to zoom and scroll images, to change thumbnail scale, to switch images. That is a significant improvement. At the same time, large parts of the application's internals got a massive overhaul making this version rock solid and robust.

Catalog Filter

Photo Supreme now supports Catalog Filtering. Build your own filter rule and set that as a Catalog Filter to then browse the entire Catalog in its filtered state. This makes working with a subset of images straight forward and gives new insights as you browse the filtered set. Ever wondered how your photo archive is spread then Catalog Filters is the way to go.

New Metadata Editor

One of the most requested feature has now been fulfilled: A new and improved Image Details Editor. The new Image Details editor has been rewritten from the ground up to live up to the expectations of the highest demanding metadata users. Fast, extensive, and robust.

Light & Dark Modes

Photo Supreme used to only come in a Dark Theme. Now in version 6, Photo Supreme can be switched to a Light theme. The Light Theme provides a clear and bright experience. Switch between Light and Dark themes manually or set it to switch automatically.

User Groups 

In the Server Edition you can now define User Groups, and assign authorizations to the User Group instead of individual users. As a new user joins the club you only have to add him or her to the correct group to assign accessibility restrictions. A true time saver.

Wait, there's more

  • Added an option to allow Stack Detection in the Verification Results panel

  • Added "Typed" Areas as per the IPTC Regions Standard

  • Added new Light Table Box locking feature

  • Added a Light Table toolbar

  • Added new preference setting to always store XMP in sidecar

  • Added Click-To-Zoom as an option in the Viewer

  • Added thumb sort direction to the Import Module

  • Added "Square Thumbs" display option in the Collection Viewer

  • Added support for Color Management on a per-file-extension base

  • Added support for PostgreSQL 13 in the Server Edition

  • Added support for GPX Track display in the GEO Panel

  • Many other performance improvements

  • And more...

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