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Please welcome Photo Supreme V7

We are proud to announce the newest Photo Supreme, a new generation of our full featured Asset Management software. This major update adds more management features, and refines existing features. There to help you achieve an even more effective image archive.

Quality & Refinement

How do you make something faster that is already fast? We went the extra mile to offer you an improved user experience and a future proof product. Photo Supreme V7 its internals are largely rewritten to make background operations faster and more robust. You will notice this in every part of the application.

More control

Photo Supreme adds several new management features to help you achieve a more controlled workflow.
Thumbnails can show a fixed Rating and/or Color Bar. The new Script Launch Button helps the accessibility of your favorite Scripts. The Filter Bar adds more options. Collections can be sorted by aspect ratio. Catalog Label Relationships can now be browsed over their role. Just to name a few...


GEO Fences

The new GEO Fence feature is a helpful addition for those who GEO tag their images. You can now easily find images surrounding other GEO tagged images. And best of all: you can add GEO Fences to favorites, search operations, and even the Catalog Filter.

Private Custom Fields

One of the most requested features is Private Custom Fields. Custom Fields are metadata fields that you can add/define in your catalog. This is a very popular feature. In V7 you can create Private Custom Fields. Such fields remain in your catalog so that you don't have to worry about the content being shared.

More States

Unique in Photo Supreme is how you can browse and search the Catalog using the state of the asset in the catalog. V7 adds more states to better slice and dice the Catalog. New states include the Aspect Ratio States, Folder States, and the Rejected state.
Combine all these new states with other search elements for improved searchability of assets. 

Wait, there's more

  • Added a "Rejected" Catalog State

  • Added more Modern Theme colors for Dark and Light mode

  • Added a way to filter on every available State in the Filter Bar

  • Added Sort by Aspect Ratio

  • Save the graphic for an image area to disk

  • Added Sub folders as thumbnails in the Collection Viewer

  • Added a "Filter with Image Basket" option

  • Added support for PostgreSQL 14 in the Server Edition
    Added support for SQLServer 2019 in the Server Edition

  • Many other performance improvements

  • And more...

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