Photo Supreme V7

Photo Supreme V7 is the popular cross-platform Digital Asset Management software that enables you to find that one image you know exists but cannot find. 
Supports Windows 11 and macOS (native Apple Silicon and Intel)

A Short Introduction...


Advanced search capabilities

When looking for that one image, Photo Supreme will help you with deep text searches, tag searches, duplicate detection, similarity detection, dynamic search combinations and advanced filtering.

Multi tab browsing

Photo Supreme brings tabbed browsing to your image archive. Take advantage of having multiple sets open at the same time. Tabbed browsing consumes less memory and operating system resources than tiled-window browsing.

Keyword tagging

Tagging your images has never been easier. GEO tagging, parent cascading, face tagging, and automatic metadata enrichment are just a few of many features.

Artificial Intelligence

Photo Supreme integrates with Google Vision to bring the most advanced technology available today to your desktop. Use Artificial Intelligence to help you jump start your cataloging by automatic labeling, object recognition, landmark recognition and face detection.

Metadata standards

Photo Supreme is built with the underlying concept: "Your data is Your data". Therefor it is a number one priority to adopt and follow the metadata standards: IPTC, Exif, XMP, and MWG. This way Photo Supreme won't lock you in, and is interoperates with other software. Your data travels with your needs, even as your needs grow.

Limit access to those who need it

The Server Edition allows you to control who can access your Catalog. You control who can add or delete. And you control what others can see. 

Import & ingest images

Import your images in your Catalog the way you want. You can define naming conventions, apply metadata on import, version rules, and of course copy files.

Get organized

Organize your images in Portfolios and Collections. Use Standard Collections for your manual selection of images or create Dynamic Collections, populated with the result of your search filter. Dynamic Collection update their content as soon as new images comply with the collection rules.

Multi Version Control and Stacking

Logically hold your pictures together so you can find them again more easily.

100% Cross Platform

From the ground up, Photo Supreme is designed to be used on Windows and macOS platforms. The feature set for both platforms is identical. No compromises have to be made. Windows 10 and macOS BigSur are supported.

Server, Single & Lite Edition

Photo Supreme comes in a Server, a Single User, and a Lite Edition.

If only one person needs access to the archive then the Single User Edition is a good choice. It's easy to get up-and-running and offers all enhanced features that you need now or may need in the future. The Lite Edition is identical to the Single User Edition, but limited to 5,000 assets. That makes the Lite Edition the choice for those with a relatively small archive.

The Server Edition uses a central database system and multiple users can access the same catalog concurrently. With the role-based User Access Management System, you control who gets access to (parts of) the archive, or even who can make changes in the catalog. This makes Photo Supreme Server Edition a great solution for work groups, departments, creative studios or businesses.

Why Photo Supreme?


Need to find that one image you know is there? Photo Supreme's advanced search capabilities will help you find it faster than you thought possible. 


If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we'll refund your money within 14 days of purchase. Simply email us the problem, and we'll take care of you.


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8 supported languages
Clean Interface
Keywords / Tagging
GEO Tagging
Image Metadata and Details
Custom Fields
Dynamic Collections
Light Table - Comparison
Image Editing


Photo Supreme offers many features, the most relevant ones are listed below
  • Advanced search capabilities

  • Multi tab browsing

  • Stacking and Versioning

  • Import & ingest images

  • Side-by-side, light table comparison
    up to 12 images

  • Keyword tagging

  • Advanced GEO tagging

  • Image organization in albums/portfolios

  • Duplicate detection
    find identical or similar files

  • Share images with Flickr, Smugmug, Zenfolio, FTP, e-mail

  • Dual monitor support

  • Creative Commons support

  • Lossless image editing

  • Supports Darwin Core metadata

  • Dynamic collections
    Build rules that define a collection of images

  • Fully 64 bit software on macOS and Windows

  • Spell Checking

  • Face detection

  • Object recognition

  • Landmark detecttion

  • Area tagging
    including IPTC regions and MWG regions support​

  • Extensible metadata with custom field definitions

  • Take your previews with you while travelling

  • Color managed

  • Export and Import to/from CSV files

  • Fully scriptable

  • Available for Windows and macOS

  • Single User or Multi-User network/server version

  • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch locale

  • Full HD, 2K, 4K, 5K, Retina screen resolutions supported